Here are some of the screenshots of the Jamilla Obispo video.

You can check the video at

As for my first post, I choose not to post something visually but something that will entirely make you think.

The ultimate soundtrack of scandals and sexy time!

Secrets & Scandals

A page dedicated to (local) showbiz scandals.

All articles you will see here can be seen on several blog and web sites. This site is just a combination and summary of some of those sites.

Nip slips. Panty slips. Wardrobe malfunctions. Videos. Scandals. These are most of the entries you will expect here.

For the celebrities: Take this as a warning that everybody is watching. Please make the necessary caution next time.

For the Peeping Toms: Just look and appreciate. Don’t condemn. Don’t judge. Remember, they may not want this.